Timm's Hill Tour

25 miles round trip - Start your trip in the village of Prentice at Buccaneer Pond/Park, go north on Town Street, east on Van Dusen, south on County Road A / Railroad Ave, then follow County Road C south past the intersection with Hwy 86 for a breathtaking view of Timm’s Hill. Via County Road RR / Rustic Road 62, you can access the county park and climb the 55-foot observation tower. Back track to Hwy 86, turning left towards Ogema where bikers can catch the Price-Taylor Rail Trail going north to Prentice and autos return to Prentice on Hwy 13. You can also stay on County Road C after leaving the park and retrace your route back to Prentice for food & lodging.


From County Road A / Railroad Ave in Prentice, go west on Van Dusen then south on Town Street.

Free Admission

  • Yes


  • Pets Welcome/Inquire

Tour Type

  • Bike
  • Scenic Drives

Trail Length (miles)

  • 25 miles round trip


  • Easy
  • Medium