Some of Wisconsin’s most spectacular sights center around our state’s many waterfalls. 

From bubbling cascades to the majestic Big Manitou Falls — the tallest waterfall in Wisconsin — many of our waterfalls are accessible on foot. These natural wonders are beautiful in the winter when they freeze. We also love visiting them in the springtime. When the snow melts, the water show is even more spectacular. 

They not only make for great family photos but also unforgettable experiences, especially when you share them with loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the must-see waterfalls in Wisconsin and where you can find them. Trust us, you’ll want to add a couple to your itinerary.

Experience the Waterfalls of Marinette County 

Our adventure begins in Marinette County, declared the Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin, and situated in the Up North region. During your visit to the area, visit one or all of Marinette’s more than a dozen diverse waterfalls. Short and long hikes lead to some of these natural wonders, and although some falls can be a challenge to reach, the view is well worth it once you do.

Clamber along craggy rock formations to experience different views of Long Slide Falls, the most famous waterfall in northeastern Wisconsin. The falls cascade down a 50-foot high slope adorned with slippery moss-covered rocks. You can easily access the falls via a scenic walking trail. While you’re there, hike to Smalley Falls, a smaller but equally beautiful waterfall that bubbles along a rocky slope. The trail to Smalley Falls is manageable for all hikers.

Another must-see natural attraction in Marinette County is Dave’s Falls. The narrow rush of water drops 10 feet through unique geologic formations. Visitors are free to climb the rocks to watch the falls from different angles as the water races through the rugged terrain. The falls mentioned are just several of the ones found in Marinette County.

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Marvel at the Stunning Iron County Waterfalls

Next, we drive over 100 miles up north to explore the more than a dozen waterfalls found in Iron County. 

The Potato River Falls is just one of many in Iron County and features an upper and lower section. You can hike up to one of the observation decks and gaze in awe at the power of the falls, which drop 40 feet before making a sharp turn and descending another 50. 

About 20 miles away from Iron County is Copper Falls State Park. This Wisconsin landmark features 17 miles of trails with stunning views of the area waterfalls, including the Brownstone Falls, and the Tyler Forks cascades.  

Take in the Beauty of Falls Out West

You can’t say you explored our waterfalls without visiting Willow River State Park. Situated in the Up North region, near the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, the park is home to a gorgeous, multi-tiered waterfall, which is 100-feet wide and drops a total of 45 feet in a gorge along the river. 

And finally, visit the charming town of Osceola a little farther north from Willow and stroll down Cascade Street. There, you’ll come across a scenic waterfall named Cascade Falls in the heart of town.

Add a couple of the waterfall destinations mentioned above and highlighted in the listings below to your trip itinerary. A magical experience awaits you and your loved ones in Wisconsin!

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