Wildwood Wildlife Park & Nature Center

Wildwood Wildlife Park is home to more than 1,000 animals including endangered and threatened species. From the tiniest of insects to the largest of mammals Wildwood Wildlife Park is proud to care for these great creatures. Listed below are just some of the many animals you’ll encounter during your visit to the zoo including: giraffe, deer, mountain lion, tiger, emu, lemur, tortoise, zebra, marmoset, tamarin, hyena, kangaroo, camel bobcat, serval, sloth, binturong, capybara, lynx, fox, badger, coatimundi, leopard, white-tail deer, reptiles, and many more amazing creatures. Wildwood Wildlife Park offers special experiences including trout feeding, feeding critter crackers to the deer, camel, goats, aoudad, and pigs, bear juice feeding, interactive Parakeet feeding, and Interactive Giraffe feeding. Offering daily animal programs and Zoo Chats, nature walk, picnic area, and our NEW educational center and Dino Dig.

Hours of Operation

Open daily at 9am May 1-Oct 16, 2016.


Located two miles west of Minocqua on Hwy 70.