Jay Creek Pine Forest State Natural Area

This property is a mix of wet to dry pinewoods developed on the flat and poorly drained soils of extinct Glacial Lake Wisconsin. The uplands are a northern dry-mesic forest of red and white pines, red maples and white oaks. Of special interest is a site that runs along Jay Creek, a fast moving, cold-water stream populated by brook trout. This unusual community is a white pine and red maple swamp that grows on the gently sloping wet sand along the creek. Black spruce is a common tree near the stream along with paper and yellow birch and some tamarack. Interesting birds found here include Ovenbird, Pine, Canada and Black-throated Green Warbler and Blue-headed Vireo.


From Millston, go east 6.5 miles on Cty. O, then south 2,8 miles on Straight Arrow Road, then east 0.8 miles on E. Starlight Road to a parking area north of the road. Walk north along an old access lane.