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  • Travel Guide 1st Edition

    Travel Guide 1st Edition

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    Find the fun in Wisconsin – from all-seasons adventure in the great outdoors to food itineraries, scenic driving tours and indoor escapes. This 170-page guide breaks down travel both by region and activity.

  • 2016 Spring/Summer Event Guide

    2016 Spring/Summer Event Guide

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    A 56-page, full-color guide to 500+ Wisconsin events from April 1 thru September 30. Includes fairs, festivals, bike races, rodeos, museum exhibits, performing arts and more.

  • 2016 Art & Craft Fairs Directory

    2016 Art & Craft Fairs Directory

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    A month-to-month guide to nearly 200 art and craft fairs held throughout Wisconsin. Includes descriptions, contact information, number of exhibitors, attendance figures and hours. Also highlights ideas for places to experience art in Wisconsin; from art studio tours to public art displays

  • Wisconsin Biking Guide 8th Edition

    Wisconsin Biking Guide 8th Edition

    Download PDF (8 MB)

    The 8th edition is an 80-page guide listing some of the great biking experiences Wisconsin has to offer. Rides are divided into three categories: linear bike trails, mountain bike trails and road biking tours.

  • 2015-16 Official State Highway Map

    2015-16 Official State Highway Map

    Download PDF (22 MB)

    The State of Wisconsin Official Highway map, 2015-16 Edition. Published at state expense and provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

  • 2016 Lodging Directory

    2016 Lodging Directory

    A comprehensive guide to over 700 Wisconsin hotels, motels, resorts and B&Bs. Listings include services, contact and rate information. Provided by the Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association.

  • 2016 Campground Directory

    2016 Campground Directory

    A guide to Wisconsin's private campgrounds. Includes site and contact information, services and local attractions. Provided by the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners.

  • 2016 Wisconsin Directory of Golf Courses

    2016 Wisconsin Directory of Golf Courses

    The golf course directory offers a complete listing of more than 500 golf courses throughout the state. In addition, editorial coverage includes a look back at the 2015 golf season and look ahead to 2016.

  • 2015-16 State Parks Guide

    2015-16 State Parks Guide

    Download PDF (33 MB)

    Explore Wisconsin's 95 state parks, forests and trails with this handy glove box-sized guide that includes a locator map, narrative descriptions, and contact phone numbers.

  • Rustic Roads 5th Edition

    Rustic Roads 5th Edition

    Download PDF (8 MB)

    An 80-page full-color booklet describing 111 quaint, lightly-traveled country roads, each illustrated with a small locator map.

  • Native Wisconsin Guide

    Native Wisconsin Guide

    The official guide to Wisconsin's Native American communities provides key information regarding the 11 sovereign tribes located in our state. Provided by Native American Tourism of Wisconsin.

  • WI Birding Guide-Northwoods Region

    WI Birding Guide-Northwoods Region

    Download PDF (3.8 MB)

    The Lake Superior/Northwoods Edition of the Birding Guide, covering Wisconsin's eighteen northernmost counties, is the first of five editions. The Northwoods edition includes 87 waypoints: each waypoint - or birding hot spot - includes a contact phone number, driving directions, a small locator map, a description of the property, common and rare birds and wildlife, and a Web site if available.

  • WI Birding Guide-Mississippi/Chippewa Region

    WI Birding Guide-Mississippi/Chippewa Region

    Download PDF (3.6 MB)

    The Mississippi/Chippewa Rivers edition of the Birding Guide covers thirteen counties in western Wisconsin that border one or both of these rivers. It is the second of five editions and includes 62 waypoints recommended as birding hotspots by local birders and DNR personnel. This second edition complements the first with a similar design and lots of wonderful bird illustrations.

  • WI Birding Guide-Lake Michigan Region

    WI Birding Guide-Lake Michigan Region

    Download PDF (3.3 MB)

    The Lake Michigan edition of the Birding Guide includes the eleven counties along eastern Wisconsin that border Lake Michigan. It includes 64 birding hotspots from the shores of tiny Rock Island State Park in the north to the Chiwaukee Prairie in the south.

  • WI Birding Guide-Central Sands Region

    WI Birding Guide-Central Sands Region

    Download PDF (3.2 MB)

    The Central Sands region includes seventeen counties and 78 waypoints. Each waypoint is illustrated with a small locator map.

  • WI Birding Guide-Southern Savanna

    WI Birding Guide-Southern Savanna

    Download PDF (3.5 MB)

    The Southern Savanna edition of the Birding Guide includes thirteen counties in south-central Wisconsin. It details 71 waypoints from the 30,000-acre Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in the east to Yellowstone State Park in the west.