Prairie Du Chien

  • Spectacular views of the Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien.

    Spectacular views of the Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien.

Prairie du Chien is the oldest European settlement on the Upper Mississippi River. Located just above the confluence of the Wisconsin River, this fertile prairie was a major gathering place for regional Indian tribes and for the fur traders who followed. Many epic frontier stories were played out here. Learn more at the Fort Crawford Museum and at the Villa Louis, one of ten properties operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society.
Situated in the heart of the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge, the area offers pristine hiking, boating, fishing and bird watching. Just south of the city, magnificent views of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers can be enjoyed from the 500-foot bluffs of Wyalusing State Park.

Top photo opportunity is...

Some of the best views of the Mississippi River can be found in the Prairie du Chien area. The high bluffs surrounding the Mississippi River in the Prairie du Chien area offer the best vantage point for photographers. The area also offers some of the best birding and nature opportunities to capture by photographers whether you are a professional or amateur.

Must see attractions:

Prairie du Chien is the oldest community on the Upper Mississippi River, dating back to 1673. There are many historical attractions where you can learn about the history of the area. The area is also rich in Native American history.

Explore your adventurous side

For those who like recreational opportunities in a real nature environment, they will find plenty to do here from hiking, birding, boating, fishing or hunting. People interested in hiking will find hundreds of miles of trails to explore. The backwaters of the Mississippi River has exciting surprises awaiting around every bend.

Classic scenic drive.

Old car groups and motorcycle groups as well as the individual tourists will find miles of the unique roads in scenic areas of the Prairie du Chien area, whether you follow the Great River Road which winds between the Mississippi River and the bluffs or travel further into the country where the roads wind through hills and valleys.

When the seasons change you may be surprised to find...

Changes in the season bring many surprises in the Prairie du Chien area since it is an area full of untouched nature. Prairie du Chien is located in the flight path for spring and fall migration. Views high above the Mississippi River change when the leaves drop and the views expand. Spring is an exciting time to explore the area as nature emerges from its winter rest. The sights, sounds, and smells of the area parks area are a real treat for nature lovers.