Ghost Boat "Journey to Haunted Canyon"

The Lost Voyage isn’t just Wisconsin Dells’ newest attraction- it’s a completely new concept in interactive entertainment. As a member of the expedition, you are embarking on a 1.5-hour, after-dark journey, traveling up the Wisconsin River by boat, and exploring the ancient gorge of Cold Water Canyon on foot. What lurks there in the darkness? That remains to be seen. But LOST VOYAGE is more than an excursion into the unknown. There is a terrifying mystery here, and clues to solving it can be found along the way. Those who dare to seek them out will be rewarded with an adventure that goes on long after the journey itself - and startling revelations filled with history and horror. But finding all the clues won’t be easy. You see, there are forces at work that don’t want you to know the terrible truth. Join us. If you dare.

Runs Memorial Day through Labor Day

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  • On Water

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  • Excursions & Tours