Bogus Swamp State Natural Area

  • Palm Warbler

    Palm Warbler
  • Lincoln Sparrow

    Lincoln Sparrow

This 870-acre site is a combination of open wetland types. The major feature is the broad muskeg of stunted tamarack and black spruce over a ground cover of sphagnum mosses, sedges, and bog shrubs. Along the northern boundary flows an intermittent, mineral-rich stream lined with emergent aquatic plants and sedge meadow. South of this zone is an unusual -patterned bog-, one of only two well-developed examples of this type in Wisconsin. Noteworthy among the breeding birds are palm warbler and Lincoln's sparrow, here at the southern limits of their breeding range. Also using the wetland are northern harrier (Circus cyaneus) and American bittern (Botarus lentiginosus).


From Summit Lake travel southwest 4 miles on Forest Road to the western boundary of the site. Park along the road and walk east to the wetland.