Native American Businesses and Attractions in Wisconsin

The 11 distinct federally-recognized Native American tribes in Wisconsin offer luxury experiences at their top-notch attractions, shops and outdoor adventures that make for unforgettable getaways.

On Tribal lands in Wiscsonsin as well as off-reservation Tribal businesses and artists, you’ll find everything from traditional beadwork and wood sculptures to coffee shops and even the first Native-American-owned distillery in the country.

Try exploring this visual catalogue of Tribal-related businesses and attractions to find your must-visit favorites.


From fisheries to campgrounds to cave-studded coasts, explore hidden gems you just might want to plan a trip around.

Food and Drink

Make memories at some of these unique Tribal establishments across Wisconsin.

Markets, Smoke Shops and Convenience Stores

You’ll find unique Native American wares and foods at some of the shops and markets, and you'll be able to stock up on supplies while traveling when you stop at the “C-Stores” and smoke shops.

Gifts, Shopping and Art

From intricate beadwork to ostrich egg night lights, explore the artists and shopping spots that keep alive each Tribe’s aesthetic, both traditional and contemporary.

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Editor’s Note: These businesses and attractions are either owned by the Tribes, on Tribal land, or are a business, attraction or artist who is a member of the Tribe or at least 51% Tribal-member owned.

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