Cheese Blocks at Fromagination 2

Wisconsin Cheese Factories & Tours

Our cheese is world-famous, and while there's a lot more to us than that, our multi-billion dollar cheese business makes up a large part of our DNA and goes well beyond cheese shops.

Wisconsin is a national and world leader in cheese production. Almost a quarter of the country’s dairy farms reside in our state, and many are family-owned and open to the public for tastings and tours. As leaders in cheese and dairy production, we also work hard to care for our planet and use sustainable farming practices, including bio-energy. Our cheese is not only produced sustainably, but it’s also prize-winning. Every year, Wisconsin hosts the World Championship Cheese Contest and comes away with top honors.

But cheese is more than just a business to us, it’s a labor of love. Our passion is rooted in generations of innovation and craftsmanship, and we love to share. Discover our love of cheese and partake in the tradition with family and friends. Stop by our cheese shops and factories or visit a dairy farm, and if you're here for the summer, attend a cheese-themed festival. While exploring, be sure to buy enough cheese and spreads to last until your next trip to Wisconsin. 

Famous Cheese Shops & Destinations

You’ll find specialty cheese shops all across our state, from Door County to Ellsworth.

The Mars Cheese Castle is home to a king’s ransom worth of cheesy treats, from sharp cheddar to curds and chocolate cheese fudge. The Kenosha shop also sells local sausages and wines. Over in Door County, the Door Artisan Cheese Company ages award-winning specialty cheeses on-site. See the cheesemaking process through the viewing window during your visit. The shop also sells local and national wines and has a restaurant and bar inside.

To find cheeses from multiple Wisconsin creameries at one location, visit the Dane County Farmers Market held twice a week in Madison. The capital city is also home to Fromagination, a cheese shop selling everything from gouda to aged cheddar while also offering interactive classes, a lunch menu, events and more.

Cheese Curd Capital

Cheese curds are a favorite across Wisconsin. In Ellsworth, they’re not only made and eaten but also celebrated.

In 1984, the governor named Ellsworth the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin,” and it still rings true today. Every summer, Ellsworth hosts the Cheese Curd Festival featuring more than 6,000 pounds of cheese curds, plus craft beers and local wines and ciders to help you wash down all the delicious cuisine. The event also features live music, a classic car show and food vendors selling everything from classic-style to cinnamon sugar dessert curds.  

The city is home to the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, which produces white cheddar cheese curds and other creamery products for local and national grocery stores, gourmet cheese shops and restaurants.

Goat Cheese Straight From the Source

Add a goat dairy farm tour to your Wisconsin itinerary and eat cheese and dairy products straight from the source. 

Go on a tour of the Door County Creamery, a cheese shop and goat dairy farm, allowing guests to sample locally-made cheeses and homemade gelato. During the tour, you’ll also have an opportunity to meet some of the farm animals — it’s something the kids will love. At the end of the tour, visit the shop, which sells goat cheese and spreads, handcrafted soaps and more.

Northeast of Fond du Lac is LaClare Family Creamery, a goat cheese manufacturer. Learn more about the cheesemaking process on a self-guided tour, which includes a goat farm visit. Find both LaClare and Saxon Creamery cheeses and wine, ice cream and other specialty products at the shop. During your visit, be sure to dine at the on-site cafe serving farm-to-table dishes. 

By now, your mouth must be watering. So, book your Wisconsin trip to taste our world-famous cheese and learn more about our generations-old traditions and latest innovations.