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Why choose a Travel Green Wisconsin certified business?

Green Movement:  Travel Green Wisconsin has its roots in Wisconsin's heritage of stewardship. Travelers are supporting the principles of Wisconsin's John Muir, Aldo Leopold and Gaylord Nelson when practicing and supporting Travel Green Wisconsin certified businesses.

Protecting the Environment:  Travel Green Wisconsin certified businesses are working hard to do their part in protecting our environment for today and future generations. Investing in them means an investment in a more sustainable future that preserves our natural resources.

Buy Local:  Our Travel Green certified businesses support local farmers, businesses and artists. By visiting, you are also doing your part to support the local economy.  

Green Education:  Travel Green certified businesses offer an opportunity to learn about green practices that you can also apply in your own home.  This saves money, energy, water, and other resources.

Peer Approved:  Know that you are doing good by supporting a Travel Green Wisconsin certified business.  They have been vetted and reviewed by a third party vendor whose expertise is deeply rooted in environmental systems.

Buying Power:  By choosing a Travel Green certified business you are rewarding the business with your dollars, thus providing them with an incentive to strive towards continual improvement of their green practices.