Supper Clubs

Wisconsin Supper Clubs

From mouth-watering steaks to the server remembering your name, discover a uniquely Wisconsin experience at a supper club. Explore tradition, craft culture and local favorites — like Old Fashioneds and Friday Fish Fry — at iconic supper clubs across our state.

Iconic Wisconsin Dining

It’s always good food and great company at a Wisconsin Supper Club. These local gems are famous because of their decades of history (even early 1900s gangster history), top-notch hospitality and deliciousness. 

Find any supper club in the state to enjoy — no matter where you are, you aren’t far from one. And each has its own unique personality. Head to Ishnala for pristine views of Mirror Lake while you sip an Old Fashioned. Or try Donny’s Glidden Lodge on your next trip to Door County — their signature dinner’s steak is complemented with a delicious merlot sauce. Every meal starts with a famous (and unbelievably tasty) fritter at Cedar Lodge Supper Club

Home of a Legend: The Wisconsin Old Fashioned 

There are some different stories about Wisconsin’s favorite cocktail, but with generations of mixology and many beloved variations, there are a few important ingredients that make up a Wisconsin Old Fashioned: it’s made with brandy, bitters, sugar and grapefruit soda for sour or lemon-lime soda for sweet. Ask any bartender or regular at the bar in a supper club, they’ll let you know exactly how they like their Old Fashioneds and invite you to try one. 

Don’t just take our word for it — be sure to order your own at the supper club you visit on your next Wisconsin adventure! 

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