Cooking Classes

Culinary Experiences

In Wisconsin, we get that a meal is more than just food. It’s great food plus everything else — good company, vibrant atmosphere and stellar service — that turns eating into a culinary experience. And our tours, tastings and immersive atmospheres show how we bring this culinary magic to life.

Unforgettable Fine Dining 

There’s something about gourmet food that makes shared moments last. Order a three- or five-course tasting at Bacchus in Milwaukee for evening of high-end culinary exploration. Or savor the farm-to-table delicacies being crafted at L’etoile in Madison. Whether you’re spending one-on-one time with your special someone, celebrating a momentous occasion or reuniting with loved ones, experience fine dining in Wisconsin.

Tours, Tastings & Classes 

Try all the tastes your destination has to offer by booking a food tour on your next Wisconsin trip. You’ll head to some of your destination’s top locations, taste their delicious fare and make new friends along the way. Experiences like the Hudson Food Walk or the Capital City Food Tours bring you the good eats with sides of history and adventure.

Trying our world-class cheese is a given when in Wisconsin, and our cheese shops’ tastings are the best way to experience it to the fullest. Try a tasting at Fromagination — they teach cheese and pairing classes too.

Wisconsin-Only Experiences: Fish Boils & Supper Clubs 

Gathering around an outdoor fish boil in Door County, you’ll see a local chef boil Lake Michigan whitefish over an open fire. And when the fish are just about finished, a strategic shot of kerosene to the flames ignites a towering pillar of fire, boiling the pot over to leave the fish cooked and cleaned to perfection. Brought by Scandinavians in the 1800s, the fish boil has been a Door County staple ever since. Witness it — and taste it — for yourself at Door County restaurants like the Old Post Office Restaurant.

Home of the Wisconsin Old Fashioned, Friday fish fry and friendliness that keeps both locals and visitors coming back, supper clubs have remained a staple in Wisconsin for generations. And their recent renaissance proves they’re still at the top of their game. Taste the Friday fish fry at the family-owned Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club in Madison. The Mill Supper Club in Sturgeon Bay is known for their Old Fashioneds. And remember, no matter where you are in Wisconsin, you're never far from a supper club.