Wisconsin Beer and Fish Pairings

Wisconsin has some of the best fishing and best beer in the United States. It only makes sense to pair the two for the ultimate Wisconsin eating experience. These five pairings are a great place to start.

Bluegill with Leinenkugel “Summer Shandy”

A panfish fish fry is flaky, sweet, and savory. Squeeze a bit of lemon over top and it pairs perfectly with the citrus flavors in a Summer Shandy. And nothing gets more Wisconsin than a Leines. A perfect drink for a warm Wisconsin day. Grilled fish also works well with Summer Shandy.

Salmon and Karben4 “Fantasy Factory IPA”


Salmon grilled on a cedar plank offers complex earthy flavors that compliment the hops in Fantasy Factory IPA. Not to mention that the beer itself is delicious all on its own. This flagship brew from Karben4 has been a popular choice for craft beer lovers all over the state since its debut.

Trout and Capital Brewing “Winter Skal”

Bold winter beers work well with the rich flavors of smoked trout. Capital Brewing’s Winter Skal has the depth of flavor to enhance smoked fish without overwhelming it. This tasty beer has a malty flavor with light hops. The notes of caramel in the brew round out the intense smoky flavor of the trout.

Whitefish and Wisconsin Brewing “Badger Club”

A classic Wisconsin beer with a classic Wisconsin fish. Whitefish fish boil and a cold Badger Club will satisfy the Midwesterner in all of us. The beer is named for the Wisconsin tradition of local supper clubs, many of which have their own signature fish boil. Find your favorite supper club or try doing your own fish boil with one of these as an accompaniment.

Walleye and Door County Brewing “Clawhammer”

The Clawhammer is a pilsner just waiting for the deep flavor of a fried walleye to pair with its crisp dry profile. Using Bavarian hops, the Clawhammer has notes of citrus that cut through heavy fried walleye and round out a tasty meal with fries and coleslaw.

Catch Dinner

Ready to test out one of these pairings? Fishidy has you covered with online fishing maps and tips for lakes all over Wisconsin and the United States. Get up to date information on where the fish are biting and what the fishing forecast is for the day.

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