Discover Art, Culture and History in Iowa County

Wisconsin is full of interesting juxtapositions, perhaps none more endearing than when a rural setting showcases itself as a hotbed of art and culture. Located in the southwestern region of Wisconsin, Iowa County is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Punctuated with charming towns like Mineral Point and Spring Green, the arts, cultural experiences and history are alive and well here and just waiting for travelers to take advantage of their unique charm 

Frank Lloyd Wright Treasures

Spring Green, for example, is home to a bevy of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed masterpieces, including his stunning residence, Taliesin. A 37,000 square-foot wonder nestled into verdant hills, the visitor center offers a wide variety of tours providing guests with an up close and personal look at Wright’s work. Other nearby Wright-designed points of interest include the Unity Chapel and Wyoming Valley School, both located within a few miles of Taliesin.  

More to Explore in Mineral Point 

In the mood to spy some architecture beyond Frank Llloyd Wright designs? Look no further than the Mineral Point Historic District, which showcases more than 500 historic buildings with a mix of architectural styles, from Arts & Crafts to Victorian to Italianate.  

Visitors can also stop by the Mineral Point Opera House, a 1915 theater with striking interiors and a host of shows to choose from. Mineral Point is also home to Pendarvis, a preserved 19th-century historic site filled with limestone buildings that can be viewed through tours. Then, don’t miss Mineral Point’s Orchard Lawn Museum, an 1868 Italianate-style home featuring tours and exhibits dedicated to preserving the city's unique history.

The House on the Rock: Out of This World

No getaway to Iowa County is complete without a trip to The House on the Rock. Constructed in 1945, the modern home is a feast for the senses, with vignettes and huge collections that range from a sparkling carousel to beautifully-built doll houses and so much more. Your children’s eyes are sure to grow wide with wonder, and you can’t forget to take a family photo in the Infinity Room, stretching 218 feet over the valley and punctuated with 3,000 pieces of glass. 

Enjoy World-Class Theatre

Also in Spring Green, visit the famous American Players Theatre, where players strut and fret upon an outdoor stage, performing Shakespearean plays like they were meant to be seen, along with other beloved classics from over the decades. Bring a picnic dinner (or order one there!) and soak up the magic of the trees before taking your seat for a night of enchantment. 

Locally-Made Art

After immsersing yourself in the arts and culture found in Iowa County, travelers may want to take some keepsakes home as well. Luckily, the area is famed for its many local artists and galleries whose artistic creations can help visitors hang onto the memories. 

In Mineral Point, celebrate the town’s vibrant pottery scene by visiting The Globe Clay Center, Windy Ridge Pottery and Brewery Pottery.

If glass is your thing, go to Mineral Point’s Longbranch Gallery, brimming with mosaic works of art, and Gallery Art on 23 in Spring Green, where handblown glass artist Colleen Ott purveys her pieces.

For a little bit of everything, head to Driftless Studio & Gallery, where sculptures, paintings and more show off the talents of many local artists.  

As Iowa County proves, arts and culture can be discovered in every nook and cranny of Wisconsin, offering rich experiences will stay with you and your group for years to comeExplore more arts and culture throughout Wisconsin by browsing our directory! 

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