Multicultural Restaurants Near Stevens Point and Wausau

While Wisconsin offers plenty of tasty cheese curds, brats and beer, the Badger State also boasts a tapestry of diverse culinary experiences to enhance your next trip with family and friends. From hearty gyros to flavorful pho and much more, here are some restaurants near Stevens Point and Wausau that you absolutely must try the next time you and your crew are in town. 

Point Market & Vietnamese Restaurant – Steven Point, WI 

Gather your friends and family. The incredible pho – a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup -- on offer at this Vietnamese restaurant is what you all need on a rainy day, a cold day, a sick day, or on any day that ends with the letter ‘Y.’ Its steamy and thick and filled with salty noodles and plenty of toppings. You also cant leave without trying the fresh spring rolls, vermicelli noodle salad and a bubble tea. Dont be fooled by the strip mall location – this is the real deal 

Mykenos Mediterranean Grill – Wausau, WI 

You can add a quick stop in Santorini to your Wisconsin trip itinerary by ordering a gyro at Mykenos Mediterranean Grill. They are made on fresh, warm, grilled pita bread topped with seasoned gyro meat, onions, tomatoes and a healthy slathering of tzatziki sauce. Snag a Greek salad with Kalamata olives, pepperoncini and big chunks of feta, and you’ll forget for a moment that youre still in the Midwest. This is a family business that takes its food very seriously, and the ambiance features all the best parts of a traditional Greek diner: the booths, the table service and the portion size wont disappoint. Pro tip: Bring lots of people so you can share and leave room for the baklava. 

JB SalesArkdale, WI 

Pop into this authentic Polish deli for some of the best homemade pierogies you and your crew will encounter when visiting Wisconsin. Its a seemingly random stop in the middle of the state that sells Polish food, issues hunting and fishing licenses and also happens to sell any convenience items you may need. We love the potato-filled dumplings, the Polish smoked sausages, the Polish cheeses and the potato pancakes.  

BroKogi – Stevens Point, WI

Stevens Point is chock full of surprises, and this is one of them. Once a food truck, BroKogi took over the shuttered Dosirak Korean Restaurant space after it closed. The restaurant features a blend of modern and traditional Korean fusions, such as the hot spicy fried chicken, bibimbap (a bowl of warm rice topped with veggies, fried egg and beef) and the Korean corndog. Vegetarians may request most of the dishes sans meat. BYO friends and have a Korean feast. 

Matsu Ya Sushi & Grill – Stevens Point, WI  

One of the best places for sushi in central Wisconsin! Matsu Ya is open for lunch and dinner, and the lunch specials are unbeatable. On the menu, choose from a range of standard sushi and roll options, along with hot items such as teriyaki chicken and vegetables. Go out of your comfort zone with the Fujiyama roll (smoked salmon with cream cheese, topped with spicy tuna and tempura flakes) or one of their Spice Girl Rolls, such as the X Post Spice Roll (shrimp tempura, soft-shell crab, eel, avocado and cucumber topped with salmon roe, spicy scallops, eel sauce and black sesame seeds). Whatever you choose, your group will be rewarded with a very fresh explosion of taste and texture. 

Still hungry? Dig into these interesting new eateries throughout Wisconsin. 



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