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Explore Wisconsin's Cities & Regions

From the Great Lakes to the Mighty Mississippi and the land in between, Wisconsin is home to a vast landscape of beauty that includes woods, waters, prairies and cityscapes. 

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45°46'28.4304" N -91°45'50.7204" W

Over the St. Croix River, and through the national forest, to find waterfalls we go. Adventure is the name of the game here.


45°27'20.3796" N -88°30'05.0796" W

There's a lot of water up here. We mean it, a lot. You can put in a paddle, throw a line, and even whitewater raft.

East Central

43°42'50.2560" N -88°00'40.0608" W

Beaches, spas, airplanes, race cars, forests, hikes, golf know what? It's easier if you find out for yourself.


43°01'46.3800" N -87°54'40.8276" W

You won't believe what's brewing here, and we're not just talking about the beer. Come for the festivals, stay for everything else.

South Central

43°02'07.3248" N -89°24'02.6316" W

You'll love it here, with a Capitol L. Crawl through a cave. Hike a bluff. Whip down a waterslide. Whatever you do, just enjoy it.


43°13'09.5520" N -90°48'32.3172" W

You'll find all the small town charm you can handle just around the Mississippi riverbend, along the Great River Road.


44°31'19.8876" N -89°46'16.1328" W

Our heart is on our sleeves here. Surround yourself with gorgeous landscapes and cranes not used for construction. 

Wisconsin’s Major Cities

The energy in our cities is electric, and each has its own vibe. Find the perfect spot for your next urban adventure.  

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