Wisconsin Specialties

Wisconsin Specialties

Wisconsin’s food and drink specialties — including the world’s best beer, cheese, cranberries and more — bring out the best moments shared with others. 

Great conversation at a Friday Fish Fry, catching up over Old Fashioneds in a supper club, a water-side picnic made delicious with a Wisconsin-made cheese board, Door County cherries and the world’s largest cranberry festival.... Wisconsin is special, and our specialties prove it.

The Best Cheese, Only Found in Dairyland 

It’s only natural that America’s Dairyland is home to the world’s best cheese. From curds to wine pairings, we know how to cheese. 

Make the tastiest memories at  Fromagination in downtown Madison, where you’re invited to go beyond just tasting their artisan cheeses — you’ll leave with new knowledge of all things healthy and delicious in Wisconsin. Visit the Burnett Dairy Cooperative in the Grantsburg to find cheese right from its source. Or for a selfie-worthy adventure, stop by the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha with your family — yes, it really is a castle, and your little knights-in-training will love it. 

Beer in Wisconsin: Brew City and Beyond 

From the big names to the micro-brews, beer in Wisconsin is world-class. And Wisconsinites know how to enjoy it. 

Milwaukee is known as Brew City for good reason, and beer here is an entire experience. Tour and taste at the world-renowned Miller Brewing Company and head to Lakefront Brewery to enjoy unique beer in a spirited atmosphere. Take your beer-tour to the next level by staying at the Brewhouse Inn & Suites, the original Pabst Brewhouse restored as a boutique hotel with neo-Victorian and steampunk décor.

Across Wisconsin, beer is a culture to be enjoyed by all. Sure, the beer is for those 21+, but our breweries and other hoppy atmospheres are made for unforgettable memories for all, no matter the age. Like at Leinenkugel Brewing Company in Chippewa Falls or New Glarus Brewing Company, home of the legendary Spotted Cow beer.

Iconic Wisconsin: Supper Clubs and the Old Fashioned 

Fueled by generations of good times, neighborhood hospitality and delicious food, supper clubs are a must-experience specialty in Wisconsin.

No matter which region you’re in, you aren’t far from a supper club. Visit on a Friday to taste Wisconsin’s beloved Friday Fish Fry tradition — best enjoyed with table filled with those who matter most. Ask your server what dish makes their supper club unique, and order that with an Old Fashioned “sweet.”

More Specialties To Explore

The cherry blossoms in Door County aren’t just for looks — they bring deliciously sweet cherries every year. And the horizon-spanning cranberry bogs throughout our state? They’re where our world-famous cranberries are grown. Try our kringle at a bakery in Racine, the Kringle Capital of the World. The sweet, flaky pastry with Danish roots is another Wisconsin staple.

These are just some of our state’s specialties — there are even more unexpected gems to find during your next adventure.

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