Lakeside Park Holiday Lights and Light Show

November 23, 2017 - January 3, 2018

Fond du Lac

Lakeside Park on picturesque Lake Winnebago shimmers with thousands of lights, animated scenes and heart-warming holiday music. See Rudolph perched high atop the lighthouse, with his red nose flashing. See the show in the comfort and warmth of your car! A parking lot is open across the street from the display for best viewing. (But it can get very crowded during the early hours - so please drive carefully!) When arriving, tune your car radio to 87.9 FM to listen to the music. The trees will dance to 7 songs (about 20 minutes), followed by a short intermission and then the show repeats.The entire display is managed by special light controllers from Light-O-Rama that are networked together. The controllers manage over 400 sections (or channels) of light that can change (such as turn on or off) up to 20 times a second! In addition, 3000 additional channels are assigned to the 16-foot multi-color LED grid.

Event Date Detail

Nov 23, 2017 - Jan 3, 2018


Tour Type

  • Scenic Drives

Free Admission

  • Yes