Standing Rocks Trails

Better a standing rock than a falling rock they always say. And there's no shortage of the former at this Portage County Park that has attracted cross-country and downhill skiers to its slopes and trails for years. The standing rocks are huge glacial erratics, granite boulders rolled here by the continental ice sheet. You'll find enough of their smaller brothers in the trail's surface to make for a rough ride in places.Trails are mainly double track width and are seldom the same grade for more than a few yards. They will keep you shifting and anticipating the next steep climb or downhill. There is a lot of moderate riding here, but the periodic steep stuff is unforgettable. Two long 100-foot climbs are tests of aerobic capacity and willpower.Your effort will take you on a roller coaster ride through a beautiful forest of red pine, aspen and oak. The view of Bear Lake from the top of the ski hill is thrilling.