Winter Activities You’ve Never Heard Of

From wacky to zany, when it comes to crazy winter-themed sports, Wisconsin is the place to be. For the die-hard winter season and snow enthusiasts, our thirst for fun and adventure cannot always be quenched with traditional skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. We demand creative, unique and sometimes downright weird entertainment. Check out these fun winter sports you may never have heard of until now and the events where you can experience them for yourself.

Turkey Bowling

Instead of a traditional bowling ball, why not use dinner to knock down some pins? A frozen turkey is hurled across the floor (or across the ice) towards the pins in this frozen twist on the traditional sport of bowling. Go for a strike at one of these events.

Bar Stool Races

Bar stools aren’t just for sitting while sipping. Go for a wild ride down a hill as skis are strapped to the bottom of their legs and the quickest glide to the bottom is the objective. Drag your barstool outside, grab an old pair of skis, and see how fast you can get going down a snowy hill while you stay seated. Sound like your kind of adventure? Enter your slick sled into one of these races.

Human Foosball

Become a human player in this life-sized twist on the traditional arcade game where the plastic players are controlled by spins and pushes of handles trying to score goals against an opponent. Human players grab a hold of a rope and must stay in their position while kicking the soccer ball to their teammates and attempting to score against the other team’s goalie. A number of “arenas” are available for rental through Wisconsin companies, and you can also try it at the Fish Creek Winter Festival.

Broom Ball

Like a game of hockey without most of the equipment, or a game of floor hockey but played on the ice, broom ball is a game that people of all different skill levels can enjoy. Played on a frozen pond or on an ice rink, the scoring objectives and rules are much like hockey, but players slide around in their boots rather than on skates. Rather than traditional hockey pucks and sticks, a rubber ball and a stick resembling a broom are used. Grab some friends and organize your own game, or join in the fun at one of these events.

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