Wisconsin’s Most Creative, Colossal Bloody Marys

As the quintessential morning cocktail, the Bloody Mary is no stranger to drink-friendly Wisconsin.

Refreshing, invigorating and perfectly fit for a friendly brunch, a Packers kickoff or a lazy come-down from last night’s triumph, Bloody Marys are a staple of Wisconsin bars, restaurants and breakfast joints. Combining tomato juice and vodka with a host of spicy, zesty or bright flavors, Bloody Marys present a fresh kick like no other drink.

Here are some extra-huge, extra-fancy and extra-delicious Bloody Marys you can find throughout the state!

Rusty’s Backwater SaloonStevens Point

Making what “might be the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had,” Rusty’s in Stevens Point presents a hard-nosed drink for a hard-nosed drinker. Drunk from a glass mug with pickle and pepper garnishes, Rusty’s tasty beverage is a must-have for anyone rolling through the Wisconsin River.

With the option of adding fresh garlic and a beef stick to your Bloody, Rusty’s home-spun treat is full of flavor and gets better every time.

Sobelmans Pub & GrillMilwaukee

Known for their bloodies and their burgers, Sobelmans combines both favorites to create “The Bloody Masterpiece.”

Featured on the UK’s Daily Mail, the Huffington Post and Good Morning America, Sobelmans' gigantic jar of tomato and vodka goodness features sprouts, celery, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatos, lemons, pickles, shrimp, sausage, cheese, olives, green onions, asparagus and, of course, a bacon cheeseburger slider. Offering up local vodka from the Great Lakes Distillery, Sobelmans’ is a truly Wisconsin cocktail.

Bluephies Restaurant and VodkatoriumMadison

Any place that labels itself as a vodkatorium better have an intriguing spin on the Bloody Mary, and Bluephies delivers with a ferocious alcoholic onslaught, the Bloody Mary Flight.

A diverse trio of 8-ounce bloodies featuring a traditional bloody as well as chipotle and bacon-infused drinks, Bluephies offers a wide flavor palette that is further diversified by including an array of meaty, cheesy and fruity garnishes.

Sporting varying levels of spice, Madison’s vodka king will surely give you the kick you need!

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