Wisconsin's Behemoth Bloody Mary at Sobelmans

As the quintessential morning cocktail in Wisconsin, the Bloody Mary is refreshing, invigorating and perfect for a brunch with friends, a Packers tailgate or a lazy Sunday morning. Bloody Marys are a staple of Wisconsin bars, restaurants and breakfast joints and are made by combining tomato juice and vodka with a host of spicy, zesty or bright flavors.

One restaurant in particular has gained national recognition for its larger than life Bloody Mary concoctions. The owners of Sobelmans Pub & Grill, Dave and Melanie Sobelman, have dubbed their establishment “the original Bloody Mary bar.” This Milwaukee area family owned business has grown since the late 90s from its original Milwaukee location to include restaurants in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Mequon and Richfield. Their famous Bloody Marys—made only with Titos vodka—have even been featured on “Good Morning America.”

At Sobelmans, there is a Bloody Mary for everyone and every time of day. While there may be endless choices, we’ve put together a list of six creative Sobelman’s Bloody Marys you won’t find anywhere else. Bottoms up!

The Bloody Beast


Nationally known, this behemoth includes all the garnishes, and then some. The Bloody Beast is topped with sliders, bacon wrapped cheese balls and a whole fried chicken—an entire meal’s worth of food, in one glass! Although this drink started out as a joke, Dave Sobelman’s Bloody Beast creation has now been featured on two Travel Channel shows, and in one of our TV spots.

The Classic

If you want to go the traditional Bloody Mary route, try “The Classic.” Topped with the signature garnishes including shrimp, olives, sausage sticks, celery, lemon and cherry tomatoes, this drink is sure to hit the spot.

The Crown Mary


Dubbed the queen of Bloodys, this impressive drink includes all the signature garnishes as well as a Coronita and Colby-Jack cheeseburger slider on a skewer. When Dave Sobelman posed adding a slider to a Bloody Mary to his Facebook followers, they wholeheartedly embraced the idea and the Crown Mary was born.

The Cheesehead

Nothing says Wisconsin like extra cheese. Topped with three bacon cheese cracks, the Cheesehead is unequivocally Wisconsin. These specialty cheese cracks are only available in the state of Wisconsin and can only be found at two locations: Sobelmans and the home of the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Field.

The Bourbonado


Served on weekends only, the Bourbonado is Dave Sobelman’s favorite drink on the menu. This most recent addition to the menu includes bacon wrapped deep fried chicken with Bourbon sauce. While the drink smells delicious, it tastes even better. This gooey, syrupy chicken delicacy is sure to leave you wanting more.

The Baconado

Feeling spicy? Try a Bloody with a spin! This drink includes all the expected fixings, and then some. Complete with a gravity defying skewer of bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheese balls The Baconado will definitely give an extra kick to your Bloody Mary experience.

Looking for some food to go with your drink? Sobelmans has a wide variety of burgers and sides to satisfy any craving. So, grab some friends and stop in to one of their five Milwaukee area locations to try their innovative Bloody Mary concoctions for yourself.

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