Tomato with a Twist: Wisconsin's Unique Bloody Marys

There are a lot of excellent reasons to order a Bloody Mary in Wisconsin. For people who always want a little bit of everything, the unique Midwestern tradition of serving the cocktail with a “beer chaser” will certainly delight. If you’d like your drink to be a meal, then Wisconsin’s enthusiastic embrace of over the top garnishes will surely satisfy. But here, we’ve focused on the less commonly explored aspect of this boozy brunch staple: the most unique flavor combinations in the state. Read on to discover some of the best!

Café Hollander – Madison

Café Hollander has an excellent selection of Bloody Marys on their menu, but the most unique is easily the BBB Bloody Mary. This Southern take on the classic cocktail pairs bacon infused Bulleit Bourbon with BBQ sauce and a not too spicy bloody mix. If bourbon isn’t your thing, then try the Belgian Michelada, which combines bloody mix with tequila and a bright Belgian wheat beer.

County Clare – Milwaukee

County Clare is one of the most authentic Irish Pubs in Wisconsin, and nothing pairs better with their traditional Full Irish Breakfast than one of their unique bloodies. What sets apart their homemade mix is the use of Clamato juice, which helps cut some of the thickness of a typical bloody and gives the drink a bold, tangy flavor. For the full Irish experience, order the Bloody Máire (Moy-rah), which has a splash of Guinness and whiskey added to it. Both versions of the drink come garnished with a pickled red potato in addition to the more typical finishings.

Rum Runners – Green Bay

This prohibition themed Green Bay tavern offers one of the best build-your-own bloody bars in the state. With twelve different mixes and more than thirty seasonings and hot sauces to choose from, the only thing limiting you at Rum Runners is your own creativity. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try pairing one of the extra spicy hot sauce options with smoked oysters.

The Courthouse Pub – Manitowoc

If your favorite part of a Wisconsin Bloody Mary is the beer chaser, then the Courthouse Pub’s options will certainly delight. Since the pub is also a brewery, you can choose any of the craft beers they brew on site as the chaser for your Bloody Mary. For the full bloody experience, try the Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail, which is served with a cocktail sauce made from their signature Bloody Mary mix.

Kitty O’Reilys Irish Pub – Sturgeon Bay

Kitty’s advertises their loaded Bloody Mary as the best in Door County for good reason: there’s a lot to love about this take on the cocktail. At twenty ounces for only $8, this is one of the most affordable bloodies to make the list. Yet, what really sets this Kitty’s Loaded Bloody Mary apart is the generous pour of Guinness that tops the drink. Garnishing it with a Wisconsin string cheese whip certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Buckley’s – Milwaukee

This Milwaukee restaurant quietly competes for the best Bloody Mary spot thanks to a pair of exceptional house-infused vodkas. If spicy isn’t your thing, go with the Bacon Bloody that features their smoky bacon and peppercorn infused vodka.

Their other specialty option is the dangerously spicy Habanero Bloody, which is made with a vodka infused with habanero, serrano and jalapeno peppers. For the best of both worlds, try the Half and Half Bloody, which combines both vodkas for a smoky, spicy flavor that will easily become one of your favorites. 

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