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  • Kid-Friendly Places in Madison Area

    Looking for fun and interesting activities to fill those school vacations and holidays? Try a scavenger hunt while exploring a museum diorama or join a nature hikes and hands-on activities at nature centers.

    Created By: Wisconsin Department of Tourism

    Last Updated on 3/17/2014

  • Bike Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

    Wisconsin welcomes bicyclists. Some of these B&Bs have bike storage, bike shop, bikes to ride or bike to rent. All offer warm hospitality and the opportunity to bike Wisconsin's great back roads and trails.

    Created By: Wisconsin Department of Tourism

    Last Updated on 2/25/2014

  • Baraboo


    Created By: VaughnRahn

    Last Updated on 2/25/2014

  • John Muir Chapter Sierra Club Snowshoeing

    Sunday, February 9: Snowshoeing at Mosquito Hill Nature Center, N3880 Rogers Road New London,WI Winter brings frozen wetlands an that means a chance to see lowlands of the Wolf River not usually accessible. They turn into frosty wonderland trails and are a pleasant, easy trek on snowshoes. Meet in the Nature Center building for about a 2-hour hike. Rental available. Arrive 15 minutes early if you are renting. Bring a sandwich if you’d like to stay for late lunch afterwards. Leader will bring

    Created By: gregshell

    Last Updated on 1/19/2014

  • New Years Fun in Wisconsin

    Ring in the New Year in Wisconsin. Cheese Drop? Why yes, we have that. Fireworks, fun runs and polar bear plunges? Sure. Maybe an evening of music or a package at one of Wisconsin's resorts? Of course. Family fun, hanging out with friends or just the two of you - Wisconsin has New Years Eve and New Years Day covered.

    Created By: Wisconsin Department of Tourism

    Last Updated on 11/20/2013

  • Camping w/Kyle & Clutch

    Created By: sheltonrj11

    Last Updated on 9/23/2013

  • New Trip - August 30, 2013

    Black River Falls to LaCrosse

    Created By: LennyB

    Last Updated on 8/30/2013

  • HD 110 trip

    29th Leave Hyatt at 10 HD Museum 11-1 Riverfront Pizza 1-2 Summerfest grounds rest of day see vendors Hog Party noon till 5 hdhdhdhdhdhd Friday if raining do historic Milwaukee tour leave hotel at 9 tour is at 10 hdhdhdhdhdh Hog Wild on main is Friday at 6 in west bend hdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdh Kettles Moraine start point is in GPS hdhdhdhdhdhdhdh

    Created By: ghhartmann

    Last Updated on 8/29/2013

  • Official Wisconsin Welcome for H-D 110th Riders

    Let Wisconsin officially welcome all motorcycle riders to the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary celebration. Stop by the Travel Wisconsin Welcome Center in Beloit and pick up Wisconsin Biker Maps plus have your picture with a one of kind cardboard Harley that you can enter to win. At the Travel Wisconsin Welcome Center in Kenosha, test your H-D IQ for a chance to win a 110th tattoo. Okay, it's a temporary tattoo but we know you'll wear it proudly.

    Created By: Wisconsin Department of Tourism

    Last Updated on 8/26/2013

  • Ride to Harley's 110th

    Riding from Manitoba, Canada to Milwaukee, USA

    Created By: Pam and Harv

    Last Updated on 8/20/2013

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