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  • You're Taking Me to Stockholm for the Weekend?

    Planning a getaway for some friends? Tell them you're going to Stockholm for the weekend. Stockholm, Wisconsin of course. Great food, local artists and quaint villages along the Mississippi River will make this a memorable trip.

    Created By: Wisconsin Department of Tourism

    Last Updated on 8/20/2014

  • Camping 2015!

    Cooper Falls State Park

    Created By: VaughnRahn

    Last Updated on 7/30/2014

  • green bay

    Created By: olgaheide

    Last Updated on 7/10/2014

  • New Trip - June 24, 2014

    Door County: Hotel near a winery and parasailing.

    Created By: sushi0913

    Last Updated on 6/24/2014

  • Wisconsin Outsider Art Tour, 2014

    Created By: Susan Schumacher

    Last Updated on 6/23/2014

  • Jonny and Ally Nature Adventures

    Created By: afitzmaurice

    Last Updated on 6/11/2014

  • 2014 Camping

    Floating camping trip

    Created By: ShawnStalzer

    Last Updated on 5/19/2014

  • Around Waukesha - Day Trips

    Things to do around home.

    Created By: DebS #2

    Last Updated on 5/4/2014

  • Memorial Day Weekend

    Created By: Lisa Pisa

    Last Updated on 4/26/2014

  • Kid-Friendly Places in Madison Area

    Looking for fun and interesting activities to fill those school vacations and holidays? Try a scavenger hunt while exploring a museum diorama or join a nature hikes and hands-on activities at nature centers.

    Created By: Wisconsin Department of Tourism

    Last Updated on 3/17/2014

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Trip Planner Help

The Trip Planner is the perfect tool to help you find fun in Wisconsin. Explore Wisconsin using the interactive trip planner, add places to your trip through this tool or as you browse the site, orgazine trip by day, discover other places nearby, and share your trip with others.

Plan Trips
Create Trips to save and organize attractions, dining, events and accommodations for your next Wisconsin trip.

  • Easily plan your next family vacation together
  • Make road trips fun by finding things to do and places to see along the way
  • Capture a list of ideas to pull from on those days you can’t decide what to do
  • Create a daily itinerary and create multiple trips by date or theme

Share Ideas
Share your Trip with friends and family via email, social networks, or just print out a copy for quick reference.

  • Keep everyone in your family or group of friends informed about travel plans through email
  • Give others advice about where to go and what to see by sharing your travel ideas through various social media networks or on
  • Create and print a Trip of future events or attractions you’d like to see

Get Inspired
Check out Trips that other people have created to find some great ideas and inspiration for your own travel plans.

How to use the Trip Planner

  1. Explore featured or public Trips and discover new things to do in Wisconsin that you might not have known about
  2. Get new ideas about where to go and what to see by searching for a topic you’re interested in and finding related Trips

Getting Started
There are thousands of articles, events, attractions and destinations Wisconsin has to offer. Just create a account and you can use the Trip Planner to create your own trips to plan, organize and save items that interest you. Once you register for an account, just follow these simple steps to use the Trip Planner.

Step One: Create a Trip
Once you login you can create a new trip or edit existing trips. Set your trip name, description, privacy and dates before you begin.

Step Two: Add Items
Add items from our Places to Stay, Things to Do, Dining and Events sections to your trip by clicking the Add to Trip icon throughout the site or from within the Trip Planner. 

When an item has been added to your trip the icon on the map will turn red. All other icons correspond with the colors and icons in the filter area. 

Step Three: Print and Share
Print details of your trip and share your trip with friends on your favorite social network or via email.