Fox River Valley Wine Trail

With wineries offering tours, scenic views and tastes made from local vines, the Fox River Valley Wine trail takes you on a relaxing self-guided tour of five of Eastern Wisconsin’s finest wineries. This trail is the ideal destination for a family trip, girls’ getaway or a romantic outing for day-tasting.

Five Wineries, Five Experiences

Whether it’s music, chocolate or a distinctive setting, each of the five wineries offers something special along this trail. Starting at Captain’s Walk Winery, this modern place showcases 40 choices of wine pairings with assortments of cheese and truffles. There is also a tasting room and comfortable lounge to sip, chat and unwind. 

Next up is Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery, sitting on the western shore of Lake Michigan with 5,000 vines planted throughout the vineyard. We love ordering their wine flights — each includes four wine samples made with premium ingredients.

Having 30 years of experience, Trout Springs Winery takes it to a whole new level with its fine dining and charming countryside setting. This winery even offers chocolate with grape powder created from their vineyards, which is perfect paired with a glass of their classic award-winning wine, Below Zero.

As you wander the trail, you’ll reach the LedgeStone Vineyards, which offers music in the vineyard every Thursday. There are a variety of wine clubs to join giving you a social experience with glimpses of winemaking and vineyard life every step of the way.  social and experience scenes of winemaking and vineyard life.

Last but not least is the final stop, the Kerrigan Brothers Winery. This winery offers a variety of extraordinary wine flavors including blueberry, lemon and pineapple, giving your taste buds a citrusy flavor as you sit on the comfy patio.

This trail calls for a chance to explore overlooks, catch up with others and sip on great wine straight from the vineyard.

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