Spaceport Sheboygan

  • Rockets for Schools

    Rockets for Schools

Spaceport Sheboygan is home to the Great Lakes Aerospace Science and Education Center (GLASEC). Its mission is to inspire future generations of scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians. And that’s not such a difficult task at Spaceport Sheboygan where kids of all ages are welcome to explore interactive exhibits, programs and events. Learn to land a space shuttle on a simulator or discover the secrets of space at one of GLASEC’s out-of-this-world events. Every May, kids from all over the Midwest compete with experimental rocket launches over Lake Michigan during the Rockets For Schools program. Each winter, the Ice Moons event invites chefs to compete in a stellar cook-off using liquid nitrogen while attendees votes for their favorite edible Ice Moon creation. All exhibits and events at Spaceport Sheboygan are open to the public. Private tours and programs available.