Superior Snowmobile Tour

<img src="images/u/Tours/atlas036tn.gif" width="100" height="100" align="right"> It is the world's largest; the fabled "Gitche Gumee." Lake Superior is the greatest body of fresh water on earth. This tour showcases the Duluth/Superior Harbor as well as the expansive forests of Douglas County; the largest county forest in the state and the second largest municipal forest in the country. Douglas County is laced with 298 miles of funded trails and another 100 miles of club trails. There are five on-land trail connections into the county from neighboring Minnesota. Superior, offering complete services to the snowmobiler, is a great jumping-off spot for this tour. Fairlawn Mansion and Museum tells the story of the city's rich history. Superior's new Osaugee Trail gives snowmobilers a great view of the harbor, the biggest on the Great Lakes. Riding east you'll pass Barker's Island and the cigar-shaped SS Meteor, the last of the whaleback freighters. Now a museum, the hundred-year-old ship was one of many built for Lake Superior. The Osaugee Trail passes under the massive Burlington Northern Ore Docks where iron ore from Minnesota's Mesabi Range has been loaded onto waiting freighters for more than 100 years. Half of all the ore used for WWII production came from the Mesabi. <br><br><a href="" target="map">Click here for a trail map.</a>