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Three Specialty Coffee Shops You Have to Try

By David Schuller

Since it’s cultivation in East Africa, coffee has become a worldwide cash crop, overcoming both geography and time to be the bean that fuels the world. The Ottomans thought it magic, the Italians found it good enough to drink from tiny cups, and the French decided it was best with milk. Through its many transformations over time, one thing has remained the same; you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee.

Get Roasted

Bay View Café - Milwaukee

The first step in creating any coffee is roasting the bean, and that is something to which Anodyne Coffee Roasting has dedicated themselves.

Anodyne (a $10 word for “medicine”) is an independent coffee roaster that prides itself with a dedication to roasting. Walking a line between art and science, Anodyne cooks anywhere from the light, highly caffeinated brews of the Americas to the dark, complicated blends of Indonesian and the rich variety of African roasts and blends.

You can grab a cup of Anodyne’s coffee at the Bay View Café, a neighborhood staple since 2006.

Make It a Double

Ancora Coffee Roasters - Madison

A specialty originating from Italy (and really, who couldn’t complicate a morning beverage more than the Italians?), espresso is made by passing hot, pressurized water through fine, tightly packed coffee grounds. The resulting product is a refined and underestimate two ounces of coffee. But just as a refined spirit is to a beer, one ounce of espresso has almost as much kick as 12 ounces of drip coffee. But Ancora Coffee Roasters takes it one step further with their café bianco, or white coffee.

Contrary to popular belief, the darker a roast is, the less caffeine it retains. The roasting process, while lending coffee its signature taste, literally cooks the caffeine out of the coffee. White coffee, on the other hand, barely touches the roaster, giving you a floral, nutty taste you’ve probably never come across in your cup.

So if you find yourself down near an Ancora coffee house, try their café bianco. Just make sure you have 14 hours or so to kill before you try to go to sleep. This stuff has a kick!

Steep and Repeat

Grounded Specialty Coffee La Crosse

America has a complicated relationship with tea, mainly because Boston threw a boatload of the stuff into the harbor. But just as old and complicated as coffees, tea has remained relatively unchanged since the first poor soul somewhere thought it would be a good idea to drink a cup of boiling leaf-water.

Like coffee, teas come from the same plant. It’s their preparation that sets them apart. Black teas are oxidized, giving them their distinctive, dark cups. Green teas are prepared unfermented and have a decidedly unprocessed quality to them. White teas are picked from the plant before they ever bud into a leaf and herbal teas aren’t really teas at all, but rather are a variety of caffeine-free plants that are steeped in boiling water.

But lucky for you, Grounded Specialty Coffee serves all four varieties of tea, giving you the choice to choose the teas that best fits your mood.



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