3 Enchanting Al Fresco Dining Options in Pepin, Wisconsin

Pepin comes alive with vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues each fall, making it an enchanting backdrop for travelers. While this town is known for its ties to author Laura Ingalls Wilder and its stunning waterfront vistas, Pepin is equally renowned for its culinary landscape. And enjoying locally made fare in the fresh air with your favorite people makes for a guaranteed great getaway. Celebrate all your senses with these fantastic Pepin patios. 

Harbor View Café

At the heart of this dining haven is the Harbor View Café. Perched perfectly to give patrons an uninterrupted view of Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River, its seafood offerings are legendary. Known for its "from scratch" delicacies sourced from local produce, the small but impressive menu changes daily to offer the freshest fare. 

Here, vegetarians, vegans and those seeking gluten-free delights will find an array of tasty options. And with a casually elegant vibe, you and your group can truly savor their homemade soups, entrées and show-stopping desserts with the magnificent river backdrop. 

The Pickle Factory Waterfront Grill

A stone's throw away, the Pickle Factory also offers a relaxing lakefront experience. Imagine biting into their famous fried pickles with the shimmering expanse of Lake Pepin reflecting the kalaidoscopic colors of fall. Whether you're savoring their juicy burgers, Ellsworth cheese curds, portabella mushroom wrap or other hand-prepared dishes, the scenic bluffs of western Wisconsin enrich every bite. Boats can even dock here for a delicious stop!

Adding even more fun to the weekends are their live music gigs, which make balcony dining with friends or family a sheer delight. 

Garden Pub and Grille

If you're seeking an upbeat and lively atmosphere, Garden Pub and Grille is your spot. Ideally located on Wisconsin's Great River Road, it offers an expansive outdoor dining space with live weekend entertainment.  

The food here is a delightful mix of American fare, with their specialty burgers and chicken wings standing out as fan favorites. The tiki bar vibe, ice cream and gift shop make it an all-inclusive experience, great for creating memories with your crew that linger long after the meal ends. 

From the fresh flavors of the season's harvest to the warm, inviting atmosphere, Pepin's al fresco outdoor dining scene makes for a perfect stop on your road trip or a great place for a longer stay. Savor their local tastes crafted by talented local chefs while reveling in the tranquil vistas of Lake Pepin and the breathtaking Mississippi River.  

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