Wisconsin State Fair: Bizarre New Foods You Can’t Resist

Just when we thought everything that could be deep fried, put on a stick or wrapped in bacon had been done, the creative minds at the Wisconsin State Fair proved us wrong. From camel cheeseburgers to bacon cannolis, some of this year’s new creations are just downright different…and that’s why we love them! Here’s just a few of the bizarre new foods we can’t keep to ourselves.

French Onion Soup on a Stick

Hold up. Soup on a stick? But isn’t that…impossible? Don’t worry, we wondered the same, but despite our questions (and, you know, gravity) these crafty chefs have figured out just how to do it – and make it delicious! Caramelized onions and a blend of melty cheeses are rolled into a wonton and deep-fried, then paired with a baguette crouton and popped on a stick. Served with a side of homemade onion au jus for dipping, this is one hand-held, flavor-packed, crispy creation you don’t want to miss.

S’mores Beer Float

S’mores + Beer: really, what could go wrong? Your all-time favorite campfire snack meets Point Brewery’s Milkshake Malt Porter in this boozy beverage, a creamy mix of beer, chocolate marshmallow ice cream, and a graham cracker-rimmed glass. Top it off all with a golden brown toasted marshmallow, and you’ve got the best of being a kid and an adult.

Desert Heat Camel Cheeseburger

We’ll be honest – a camel cheeseburger in general could have probably landed a spot on this list. But this isn’t just any ol’ camel burger: it’s the world’s hottest camel cheeseburger. That’s right, with an estimated Scoville rating of 1,500,000, this thing will have you breathing fire, grasping for the milk and wondering why, oh why you've taken a bite out of such a scalding sandwich.

You’ll have to sign a waiver to take on the 1/3-pound camel patty, seasoned with Carolina reaper powder and topped with reaper cheese, spicy ketchup and pickles, so you know they mean business. Head to the Exotic Meat Grill if you’re up for the challenge!

Sheboygan Bratchos

Nachos? Yes. Brats? Double yes. Together? Sure! Enjoy a walking taco the Wisconsin way at the Sheboygan Brat House, where all the classic nacho fixings – chips, cheese, lettuce, tomato and more – are topped with our state’s most famous meat. No trip to the State Fair is complete without a Sheboygan brat, so come hungry to enjoy this brand-new take on a traditional favorite!

Pig Candy Cannoli

Bacon lovers: this one’s for you. Bring your sweet tooth to Brew City Pizza to indulge in this Italian-inspired treat, completely wrapped in bacon because it is the State Fair, after all. Four slices of sweet and smoky candied bacon are rolled into a cannoli-shaped tube, then stuffed with a cream cheese and mascarpone bacon cheesecake filling. Topped with candied bacon bits and bacon sea salt, this baco-bomb is the kind of sweet, salty, over-the-top creation you can only find at the State Fair. Enjoy it!

The Sporkies

Many of our bizarre food favorites are finalists in this year’s Sporkie awards, the State Fair’s annual competition for unique and unusual foods. For more info on the Sporkies, including how to taste the final foods and when to see the awarding of the Golden Spork, visit their website!

The Wisconsin State Fair is in early August at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in West Allis. Check the website for dates and times, and browse more of this year's highlights!

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