Wisconsin State Fair: Bizarre New Foods You Can’t Resist

When’s the last time you’ve had a truly unique food experience? The 2022 Wisconsin State Fair challenges the status quo and offers bizarre dishes. After having that giant cream puff (a State Fair staple), check out some tasty, out-of-this-world creations — from a Brandy Old Fashioned S’more on a stick to fried pickle cheese curd tacos. They make you look twice at what you’re about to taste — and they're all delicious. Here are a few new foods that you can’t get anywhere else.

Black Bean Burrito Balls

This is the perfect savory snack to pop in your mouth as you scout out which food you want to try next. As Wisconsinites, we’re proud cheese lovers, so this delicious creation has a mix of black beans, sweet corn, lots of cheese, and spices combined into a sphere and breaded with spicy cheese curls and nacho cheese chips. It is then deep fried to perfection and served with a zesty chile lime sauce. Feel like you can already taste it?

Go try for real at the Lakefront Brewery Beer Garden located on First Street (in the big backyard); you won’t regret it. And this must-experience fair food is a great one to share with friends.

Brandy Old-Fashioned S’more On-A-Stick

Would it really be the Wisconsin State Fair without a fun twist on the classic brandy old-fashioned? Of course, not! So, let us fill you in on this sweet treat. Picture a rich and fluffy cream that sits between two golden graham crackers. And to top it off, it’s dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate garnished with dried oranges and cherries.

Try it at Freese’s Candy Shoppe at the exposition Center Booths 345 and 347 and at the original cream puff pavilion. This dish will be sure to wow you and may have you rethink what you add to your s’more at the next family bonfire.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte

Yes, they just combined a classic childhood favorite with an adult necessity. This drink will bring you back to the days where you ate a bowl of cereal while waiting for the bus to pick you up. A glass is filled with Slim McGinn’s Irish Pub’s Two Brothers nitro coffee combined with a kick of Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor and rimmed with whipped cream and cereal crust.

Taste this creation at Slim McGinn’s Irish Pub located at Grandstand Avenue & Second Street. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start it on a sweet note?

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Chicken On-A-Stick

At the Wisconsin State Fair, we love to deep fry all the best foods and what better way than to have it breaded in flamin’ hot cheetos? This creation calls all of the spicy foodie lovers out there. It starts with a deep-fried chicken then is breaded flamin’ in hot cheetos for a kick of flavor and drizzled with chipotle ranch and finally topped with a secret seasoning. (Shhh, it’s a secret!)

Try this at the Bud Pavilion.

Fried Pick Cheese Curd Tacos

Cheese curds are not only a Wisconsin tradition but just a Wisconsinite’s way of life. This classic is stuffed with pickles and cream cheese. Then, it’s deep fried and put on Richie’s crispy taco shells served with raspberry chipotle sauce and fresh greens. If you’re a fan of cheese curds, pickles and tacos, you’ll be doing your happy food dance after trying this one.

Find this gem at Richie’s located on Wetley Way between First Street & Main Street.

Peño Pretzel Popper Brat

This might have you rethink what to make at your next tailgate. This combines all of the spicy, savory and salty flavors of a jalapeño popper, brat and pretzel. The celebrity ingredient of this dish is the jalapeño cheddar bratwurst. Baked until golden perfection, this is wrapped in a pretzel, topped with coarse salt and fresh jalapeños. To make it even tastier, it’s brushed in butter, drizzled with white cheddar sauce and served with house-made jalapeño cream cheese.

This is a dish you’ll want more and more of. Get this at Getrude’s Fresh Pretzels located on South Grandstand Avenue.

Surf & Turf Sliders

This fair food takes sliders to the next level. Starting with a Hawaiian sweet roll, it’s layered with barbeque pulled pork, sweet coconut shrimp, tropical coleslaw, a signature pineapple mango salsa and drizzled with jalapeño aioli sauce.

This dish says summer in the best way with its fruity ingredients, savory taste and delicious twists. Try this at Tropics, which is located on Wetley Way between Center Street & First Street.

The Sconnie Slugger

There’s plenty of on-a-stick fair foods to try, and this one’s a tasty twist on a corn dog! The chef combines a locally made and fan-favorite beer brat with classic cheese curds. It’s dipped in Cruller cornmeal batter and served with dijonnaise (a combo of mustard and mayo, yes we love to combine our condiments) and German sweet & sour cabbage.

This creation combines all of Wisconsinites’ favorites and puts it in masterpiece on –a stick and can be found at Miller Lite Sports Bar & Grill located on Grandstand Avenue and second street.

Winner Gets the Golden Spork

These creative dishes that you try at the fair could win this year’s Sporkie Award. All of these foods are qualified Sporkie finalists. It’s the state fair’s annual competition for unique and unusual foods, showing off all the unique combinations made, and the winner gets a golden spork.

The Wisconsin State Fair is the perfect way to celebrate summer in early August. For more of this year’s highlights: Celebrate Fun at the Wisconsin State Fair.

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