A Guide to Archery and Bow Hunting in Wisconsin

Bow hunting season for white-tail deer approaches each fall, and we get archery on the brain.

According to the Wisconsin DNR, prior to the first bow hunting season, archery in Wisconsin focused almost entirely on target shooting and field competition. It's interesting to understand the history of the sport. In the 1920s, competitions were scheduled almost every Saturday from spring through fall. The events were often day-long affairs attracting all ages and both sexes. 

As the sport grew in popularity, archery clubs were established across the state. Today, many schools even offer archery as part of their physical education courses. It has never been easier to take up this exciting hobby. For those interested, indoor shooting ranges are great for honing your skills. The Antlers Archery Club in Weston offers realistic hunting settings with a wide variety of bows, arrows and accessories. The Oregon Sportsman's Club, located south of Madison, has both indoor and outdoor facilities along with leagues and educational opportunities. 

If you’re looking to go from the range to the field, there is no shortage of public hunting and wildlife areas in Wisconsin. In the southeast, the Mazomanie Unit features marsh terrain and boasts over 4,200 acres of roaming! Or head up to the Northwoods and venture out into the upland forests of the Pine-Popple Wild Rivers where you’ll find plenty of game.

Before purchasing any hunting license, including an archery license, you’ll need certification, so be sure to enroll in a bow hunting safety education course through the Wisconsin DNR. Courses cover the history of bowhunting, marksmanship fundamentals, laws, equipment and other fundamentals.

The Wisconsin DNR offers both a podcast and web video series called Wild Wisconsin. Whether you prefer to watch all nine segments at once, catch one or two on the move, or listen to podcasts during your commute, Wild Wisconsin has it all. Topics range from public land hunting strategies to hunting season forecasts. They are a great way to prepare for a successful hunt this season!

More infomation on hunting in Wisconsin can be found here. Are you an avid archer? Tell us in the comments below where you go for practice and hunting. 

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