3 Ways to See Wisconsin's Great Lakes Shipwrecks

From 19th-century schooners to embattled steam ships, you might be surprised to learn that there are many historical wrecks nestled within the waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. When the weather cooperates, visibility can reach up to 50 feet!

Whether you’re a licensed diver, casual snorkeler or paddler with a taste for adventure, here are three ways you can explore shipwrecks in the Great Lakes:

Shipwreck AdventuresTwo Rivers

Offering recreational outings or advanced expeditions, you can explore wooden schooners from the 1800s or modern freights that sank in the 1950s. Call ahead to book a group outing or individual dive. Did we mention they offer night dives?

Lakeshore Adventures Baileys Harbor

Bailey’s Harbor is known for some of the best diving in Lake Michigan. Explore sunken ships at depths anywhere from 15 to 110 feet deep. If you’d rather stick near the surface, rent a clear-bottom kayak and marvel at ships in those shallow waters.

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour Bayfield

For a singular experience on the water (without getting wet!), charter Apostle Islands Cruises’ glass-bottom boat and view historic wrecks in Lake Superior. 

Before heading out, dive into the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Maritime Trails program. They’ve documented wrecks and historic waterfronts around the Great Lakes with detailed maps and guides.

Explore the historical treasures beneath our waters and, as always, if you take the plunge, be sure to tell us about your trip!

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