Chase Waterfalls in Marinette County

It’s the rush of the water, the tranquil rumble and the breathtaking view. We love waterfalls, and Marinette County is one of the best places to enjoy them. It’s Wisconsin’s Waterfall Capital, and beyond the enchanting falls, the county is home to 230,000 acres of county forest, 444 lakes and 920 miles of rivers and streams. So recruit your favorite hiking buddies (human, dog or both), lace up those hiking shoes and set out to explore these waterfalls, conveniently split into four easy-to-tackle tracks around Marinette County. Don’t forget the camera! There are plenty of views you’ll want to last forever.

Enchanted Trails Tour

Discover the enchantment of these three scenic waterfalls, featuring picturesque bridges, trails and islands at McClintock Rapids. All three are within an easy 45-minute drive from each other and are perfect spots for a hike or family picnic. 

Hidden Falls Tour

They might be hidden, but we’ll help you find them, no problem. Click the links for detailed driving instructions and other helpful tips for these four waterfalls. All four are within a 20-minute drive, and their accompanying wooded trails make for a great adventure. Keep an eye out for the variety of birds and other small wildlife in the area. 

Rocky Trails Tour

Named for its challenging hills and scenic overlooks, this tour isn’t for the faint of heart. Fantastic views of Smalley Falls can be had from the hilly trail leading there, while Long Slide Falls drops through 50 feet of distinctive rock structures, making the hike worthwhile. No worries if you can’t make the hike because the drive between is only a couple minutes. There’s no shame in enjoying a quick scenic drive!

Log Jam Legends Tour

There is a history of logging in Marinette County and Dave’s Falls, as legend has it, was part of the river trail that brought logs to their final destination. These rushing falls are also worth immortalizing, so don’t forget that camera.


Marinette County’s unique geological features have created all of these magnificent waterfalls. What are you waiting for? You’re all set to explore these storybook settings and see why we call this place the Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin. If you’re still craving more waterfall views, check out these 7 easy-access, picnic-perfect Wisconsin waterfalls.