Wisconsin Amish Communities

Escape to a simpler, quieter way of life this summer by visiting one of Wisconsin's Amish communities.

Journey to west central Wisconsin, known as Amish country, and glimpse a life without automobiles, telephones and computers. While traveling through one of Wisconsin's largest Amish settlements, it is not uncommon to see horse-drawn buggies moving down the road and colorful quilts drying in the summer breeze.

Down a Country Road Amish Tours and ShopsCashton

Experience the Amish life and visit Down a Country Road Amish Tours and Shops in Cashton. A personal guide will take you on a voyage through the quilt shop, woodworking shop, cheese factory and bakery, as well as through several different homes and farms. Learn about one-room schoolhouses, barn raisings, Sunday services and the general history of this Amish community.

The Wood Shed - Augusta

The Wood Shed in Augusta specializes in Amish antiques and woodworks and offers tours through a nearby Amish settlement. Visitors can savor mouthwatering homemade candy and baked goods, watch furniture makers and visit the sawmills. This tour also offers the chance to visit horse breeders and harness makers.

Trempealeau County Scenic Tours - Whitehall

Trempealeau County offers several scenic tours including an Amish Tour. Drive past Amish farms, sawmills, ferries and a buggy shop. Watch for small retail shops and services that sell food items, leather goods, furniture and fabric.

The Amish society is welcoming of people and friendly outsiders that observe their wishes to not be photographed. Most, in fact, are quite willing to talk about their authentic way of life.

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