6 Top Spots for Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

Pattison State Park – Superior

Pattison State Park in Superior is home to creatures big and small, with an amazing variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. It’s also home to the Big and Little Manitou Falls.

Local-favorite falls: The impressive Big Manitou Falls drop 165 feet, making them Wisconsin’s highest.

While you’re there: Hit the beach. Interfalls Lake boasts a 300-foot sand beach with a beautiful bathhouse and a picnic area.

Amnicon Falls State Park – South Range

Amnicon Falls State Park in the town of South Range presents you with a series of waterfalls and rapids along the Amnicon River, and there’s a 55-foot-long covered footbridge that’s as picturesque as the falls themselves. 

Local-favorite falls: The Snake Pit Falls, on a narrow branch of the Amnicon, drop 25 feet with a dramatic turn half-way down.

While you’re there: Point out the dark basalt at the Upper Falls and the sandstone at the Lower Falls to you friends and family. The basalt is from lava that flowed a billion years ago, and the sandstone is from streams that flowed millions of years ago.

Copper Falls State Park – Mellen

Copper Falls State Park, on the celebrated North Country National Scenic Trail near Mellen, has waterfalls, cascades, and deep gorges.

Local-favorite falls: The Copper Falls, of course, which drop a total of 40 feet.

While you’re there: Admire bridges constructed in the 1920s by returning First World War veterans, and log buildings constructed in the 1930s. For an extra adventure, bring your mountain bike along and try out one of the three trails that attract cyclists from all over the country.

Iron County

Northwest Wisconsin's Iron County features a dozen gorgeous waterfalls among the Potato, Montreal, Turtle, and Forks rivers.

Local-favorite falls: The Upper and Lower Potato River Falls in Hurley drop a total of 90 feet into the Potato River, and waterfall fans consider them some of the most beautiful in the Midwest.

While you’re there: Snap a group photo with the 16’ fiberglass “Claire d’Loon” in Mercer, the self-proclaimed Loon Capital of the World.

Marinette County

Marinette County, also known as Wisconsin’s Waterfall Capital, offers a self-guided Waterfalls Tour. Give yourself two or three days to take in all of the falls – or choose one of the mini-tours for a good sampling.

Local-favorite falls: The Long Slide Falls in Morgan Park, Pembine, cascade down 50 feet of rock formations.

While you’re there: For the Oz and Wicked enthusiasts, see a piece of the Yellow Brick Road at the Land of Oz Museum in Wausaukee.

Willow River State Park - Hudson


30 minutes east of the Twin Cities, enjoy the impressive set of cascading falls at Willow River State Park in Hudson. Take in the views from the bridge spanning the tops of the falls, or (when the weather and water conditions permit) hike down to wade among the steps of the falls.

While you’re there: Hike the multiple trails at the state park and head down to Little Falls Lake for beach swimming, kayaking or canoeing — rentals are available seasonally.


Getting to the Falls

Be prepared to do some hiking through the woods, and be safe. With uneven surfaces and slippery rocks, the areas around waterfalls call for special care. Stay back and watch your footing while you’re seeking out the perfect view.

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