Nine Mile Island State Natural Area

Accessible only by canoe, Nine Mile Island lies within the Chippewa River and Nine Mile Slough ecosystem. Most of this 900-acre island is floodplain forest. Silver maple, green ash and swamp white oak mix with silver maple and river birch attracting Cerulean, Black-and white and Prothonotary warblers along with Red-shouldered Hawks. The northeast corner of the island is sandy with high quality oak barrens of Hill-Æs, burr and red oaks. Here one can find Field and Lark Sparrows and Gray Catbirds. Prairie plants like the white wild indigo, stiff goldenrod and rough blazing-star grow among big and little bluestem grasses and three species of drop-seed.


Located just north of Durand, The main portion of the natural area is accessible by canoe. From Durand, go northeast 2.5 miles on Hwy. 85, then north 2.1 miles on Cty. M to a carry-in canoe landing. Park on the road.

Natural Attractions Type

  • Parks, Forests, Trails