Davis Flowage Primitive Boat-In Campsites

Favorite (1) Near the intersection of County Hwy M and Highway 77 - Minong, WI 54859
Information: 715-635-4490
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Davis Flowage Primitive Boat-in Campsites: The Davis Flowage is located three miles north of Stanberry near the intersection of County M and Highway 77. This 250-acre body of water is a shallow flowage completely surrounded by County Forest. Access to the flowage is from a boat landing along Chippanazie Road on the east side of the flowage. Entrance to the flowage is gained after a short float down Chippanazie Creek (200 yards). No other motorized access to the Davis Flowage exists. Two primitive campsites just off the dike on the west end of the flowage contain a picnic table and fire ring, and both offer a scenic view of the water. There are no fees for camping.


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