Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

The Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway is made up of the Fox and Lower Wisconsin Rivers. This area is rich in history, demonstrates the diverse range of topography resulting from the differing geological pasts, and offers visitors unique opportunities to enjoy the natural resources that make the area special. The parkway stretches across 15 counties from Wisconsin’s east coast to the west. All along the diagonal route, the expansive selection of ways to enjoy the area either by land or water are sure to please every member of your family.

This area is very historically significant, and the parkway follows the route taken by Marquette and Joliet whose exploration opened the door for development and settlement of the region. Explore the history and beauty of the area along the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway for your next family outing.

Explore Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway

Paperfest 7/18/2019 - 7/20/2019 Kimberly - 0.6 miles away
Art on the Town 5/17/2019 Appleton - 2.2 miles away
Park-to-Park Paddle 7/20/2019 Appleton - 4.16 miles away
Stockbridge Firemen Legion Picnic & Parade 7/20/2019 - 7/21/2019 Stockbridge - 13.43 miles away
Square Fare 6/15/2019 Oshkosh - 19.69 miles away
Heritage Hill - Music @ the Hill 6/05/2019 Green Bay - 20.95 miles away
The Hodag and Scooby Dude 7/19/2019 - 7/20/2019 Green Bay - 23.5 miles away
Rock USA 7/18/2019 - 7/20/2019 Oshkosh - 24.09 miles away

Average Weather

From soaking up the summer sun to hitting the trails after a fresh snowfall, Wisconsin has no shortage of activities for every season. Here's an idea of what the weather in this area is like to help get your planning started!


High 80° F
Low 61° F


High 29° F
Low 13° F


High 58° F
Low 39° F


High 56° F
Low 35° F