Scenic Highway 60 - Lower Wisconsin Riverway

The first corridor to be designated a Wisconsin Scenic Byway, Highway 60 takes travelers 100 miles along the Lower Wisconsin River from Lodi to Prairie du Chien in the heart of southwest Wisconsin’s rural Driftless Area. The Wisconsin River, constantly shifting its flowage and altering the exact contours of its sandbars and channels, runs through a landscape of hills, bluffs and valleys. The breathtaking views the region offers will captivate you and your family. In addition to taking in the beautiful scenery, numerous recreational and learning opportunities are available to suit all ages and interests.  

Explore Scenic Highway 60 - Lower Wisconsin Riverway

BeatleFest 9/06/2021 Spring Green - 14.26 miles away
Beginner Photography with Andrew Pielage 8/06/2021 - 8/08/2021 Spring Green - 15.01 miles away
Intermediate Photography: Photographing Wright with Andrew Pielage 8/13/2021 - 8/15/2021 Spring Green - 15.01 miles away
Family Day 5/23/2021 Spring Green - 15.01 miles away
Growing up Wright: Book Signing Event with Lonnie Lovness 8/22/2021 Spring Green - 15.01 miles away
Hill and Valley Exploration Tour 9/18/2021 - 9/19/2021 Lime Ridge - 20.17 miles away
Dodgeville Dodgefest 8/28/2021 Dodgeville - 20.26 miles away
Loganville Firemen's Festival 8/28/2021 Loganville - 22.15 miles away

Average Weather

From soaking up the summer sun to hitting the trails after a fresh snowfall, Wisconsin has no shortage of activities for every season. Here's an idea of what the weather in this area is like to help get your planning started!


High 80° F
Low 61° F


High 29° F
Low 13° F


High 58° F
Low 39° F


High 56° F
Low 35° F