A couple takes in the beauty of Kites Over Lake Michigan - one of the largest kite festivals in the Midwest.

Two Rivers

A strong sense of Lake Michigan’s vibrant past as a fishing and shipping hub can be found in Two Rivers. Still active as a deep-water sport fishing port, Two Rivers captures the spirit of its heritage in with historical buildings throughout the city. It also takes pride in being the birthplace of the ice cream sundae, invented here in 1881. Taste the history for yourself at the Washington House – part museum and part soda fountain. For outdoor relaxation and recreation, spend the day with your crew enjoying the sweeping sand beaches that line the city’s shoreline or visit the tallest lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

Explore the Area

Alpaca Basics Clinic 6/10/2023 Two Rivers - 1.22 miles away
Ice Cream Sundae Thursday 6/22/2023 Two Rivers - 1.73 miles away
Tour of America's Dairyland 6/15/2023 - 6/25/2023 Manitowoc - 4.83 miles away
Maritime Bay Classic Bicycle Race 6/18/2023 Manitowoc - 5.7 miles away
Fourth on the Shore 7/04/2023 Manitowoc - 5.78 miles away
Metro Jam 6/16/2023 - 6/17/2023 Manitowoc - 6.12 miles away
Garden Faire Extraordinaire 6/10/2023 Manitowoc - 6.18 miles away
HFM Froedtert Maritime Marathon 6/11/2023 Manitowoc - 7.39 miles away

Average Weather

From soaking up the summer sun to hitting the trails after a fresh snowfall, Wisconsin has no shortage of activities for every season. Here's an idea of what the weather in this area is like to help get your planning started!


High 80° F
Low 58° F


High 27° F
Low 11° F


High 58° F
Low 38° F


High 55° F
Low 34° F