Pines and Mines Trails

Favorite Hurley, WI
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Beautiful scenery and remnants of the area's great mining boom mark the Penokee Range near Hurley. With more than 300 miles of signed routes throughout Iron County, the Pines and Mines Trails offer biking adventure for everyone. At the Plummer Mine site you'll see the last standing headframe from the mining heyday; a giant structure of iron girders that once lifted payloads of ore from thousands of feet below the surface. Pines and Mines maps also show the locations of Iron County's thirteen waterfalls, from the gentle cascade of easy-to-get-to Giles falls to the ninety-foot thunder of Superior Falls. Bike handling expertise, or at least persistence, is essential to pushing through 10-mile-long Trail #6. It winds along a jumbled ridge of volcanic rock overlaid with glacial rocks and rubble. It's hell on wheels, but the vista spots are heavenly.

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