Ashland, at the foot of Chequamegon Bay in Lake Superior, was once a center for lumbering, brownstone quarrying and Great Lakes shipping. Today, the city is known as “The Historic Mural Capital of Wisconsin" because of the series of impressive colorful murals depicting local figures in the historic downtown business district. Many original brownstone structures still grace Ashland’s streets; the City Hall, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is one of the most striking. Don't forget to stop by the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center two miles west of town to explore the area’s regional history and culture with engaging exhibits and an accessible boardwalk through local wetlands. 

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Average Weather

From soaking up the summer sun to hitting the trails after a fresh snowfall, Wisconsin has no shortage of activities for every season. Here's an idea of what the weather in this area is like to help get your planning started!


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Low 56° F


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Low 31° F