Compass AirSports - Paragliding in Wisconsin

Compass AirSports - Paragliding in Wisconsin

Mauston-New Lisbon Union Airport - Mauston, WI 53950
Information: 608-844-4831
Any season, any day. *Powered(paramotor) paragliding is done mornings and afternoons/evenings. *Free flight paragliding is done all day long. Different flying locations exist. Ask for info.All activities are weather permitting!
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Have you ever dreamt of flying on a Paraglider? Have you ever wanted to learn to fly on one? Now you have a chance to do that here, right here above our own Wisconsin. We practice, train new pilots, and fly tandem (2 place instructional) flights any day, any season, weather permitting. Winter, spring, summer and fall all have their own charm and magic. Join us to fulfil "Man's oldest dream": THE DREAM TO FLY

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