Highbridge Hills Sports Complex

Disc golf in Washburn WI
Come out and play disc golf!
Beautiful views of nature and the lake!
Fun for the whole family!
Our Office, The Honka House
View Website Favorite 950 County Hwy C - Washburn, WI 54891
Office: 715-681-0112

Welcome to Highbridge Hills Sports Complex! Sports Up North Disc Golf Locations in Northern Wisconsin.

Since 2004 Highbridge Hills Sports Complex shared our scenic property in the Penokee Mountain Range in northern Wisconsin with Disc Golf Enthusiasts and Nature Lovers from all over the United States — from all over the world, for that matter! Thank You for Your Patronage! Our office is still located in Highbridge, but...

NOW HIGHBRIDGE HILLS SPORTS COMPLEX HAS A NEW DISC GOLF LOCATION! “Bringing traditional golf and disc golf together at one location”.

Visit our new disc golf course at Lake Superior View Golf at 950 County Hwy C in Washburn Wisconsin. The views of Lake Superior are spectacular! Washburn is a central location offering convenient driving distances to all the wonderful natural areas and lodging/camping in the Lake Superior/Apostle Islands/Chequamegon Bay area.


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Travel Green Wisconsin Certified


Certified: (Req. 30 Points)

To be certified through Travel Green Wisconsin, all participants must achieve at least 30 points on the Travel Green Wisconsin Checklist. The more points a business attains, the greener they are in their operations.

Green Innovations

  • Property is certified organic through FVO; they prevent the introduction and transportation of invasive species by taking preventive actions and by educating their customers about invasive species. They landscape with native plants, which minimizes the need for excess watering and fertilization. Watering, when necessary, takes place in the early morning or at night to minimize evaporation.
  • Construction materials from picnic tables to cabins to benches use materials that have either been torn down or left for scrap and would otherwise go to the landfill. Local contractors are used as well.
  • Leave No Trace principles are promoted to customers and employees. Publications are provided offering information on native plants and wildlife, and interpretative signs are used to educate customers.
  • Staff is encouraged to uphold sustainable practices by including an evaluation of these practices in performance appraisals. Interpretation and/or educational opportunities are provided for visitors and a mechanism is in place for feedback from customers about the business' sustainability and environmental improvement efforts.