Welty Environmental Center

The new Welty Center location in Big Hill Park opened in September 2015!
View Website Favorite (2) 1201 Big Hill Court - Beloit, WI 53511
Information: 608-361-1377

The Center holds fun & educational events for children and their families on weekends. The birds and bees have never been more interesting! Explore the wonders of nature with new eyes and ears as you participate in fascinating nature programs. Programs include Maple Sugar Festival, Lil' Eco Buddies, Welty Nature Rendezvous, Grandparents and Grandkids Nature Series, plus many more. Admission: Charge for programsGroups: By Appointment

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Travel Green Wisconsin Certified


Certified: (Req. 30 Points)

To be certified through Travel Green Wisconsin, all participants must achieve at least 30 points on the Travel Green Wisconsin Checklist. The more points a business attains, the greener they are in their operations.

Green Innovations

  • The TGW Logo will be displayed upon receipt; the TGW Logo will be displayed on the organization’s web site.
  • Reusable goods are used instead of disposables, such as soap dispensers, mugs, cups, and utensils.
  •  Organization staff prevents the transfer of invasive species when outdoors by inspecting and cleaning boots, clothes, and equipment before and after outdoor activities. Organization also encourages visitors to follow similar procedures.
  • Avoid planting exotic species and remove, kill, or prevent exotic species from spreading.