Delafield Promotion & Tourism Office and Visitor Center

The Delafield Hotel
Bark River Bridge at sunrise
Fall in Delafield
Delafield Promotion & Tourism Visitor Center & Offices
Summertime with flowers along the Bark River
Fort Cushing Play Area
Wading in the River on a hot summer day
Delafield and Nagawicka Lake


  • Services
    • Serve General Public
    • Staff Assists With Local Area Travel Planning
    • Brochures Displayed in Racks
  • Open Hours
    • Open a Minimum of 5 Days a Week During Peak Travel Season
  • Location
    • At Gateway Entry Point or On/Near a Major Highway
    • Easily Accessible from Highway
  • Publication Distribution
    • Department of Tourism Pubs
  • Type of Center
    • Local Information Center
    • Welcome Center
  • Operated By
    • Non-Profit Tourism Organization

Delafield Promotion & Tourism Office and Visitor Center

421 Main Street - Delafield, WI 53018
Information: 262-646-8100
Toll Free: 888-294-1082
Monday-Friday, 8am-2pm
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You're in the right place! There's nowhere else quite like Delafield, Wisconsin!  

Closer to home travel by car offers a scenic journey to Delafield from Illinois, Minnesota, upper Wisconsin and from Michigan. You will arrive in a place that can keep you and the family busy for days! Stay at one of our lodging properties that offer indoor pools that will add to that feeling of being on vacation, along with visiting our all sports Nagawicka Lake for boating, fishing, swimming and sailing!  

Delafield, Wisconsin: Located just 30 minutes west of Milwaukee and 60 minutes east of Madison, Delafield welcomes guests to south central Wisconsin. Thanks to a unique geological history that included the retreat of glaciers thousands of years ago, our city is situated in the Kettle Moraine, a micro-region distinguished by remarkable natural beauty. Our many lakes and preserved natural areas attract bikers, hikers, boaters and a variety of other outdoor enthusiasts in all seasons.  Delafield is home to a modern, bustling downtown with a historic Williamsburg-like feel.