Kringle: Wisconsin's Official Pastry

What delectable pastry is oval, comes in dozens of flavors and is a local favorite across Wisconsin?

It's none other than the Racine Kringle. This Danish old world tradition has been the pride of Racine for over 100 years and takes its name from certain knots and cleats in Scandinavian sailing lingo. Many Wisconsinites will declare their love for their favorite bakery but a stop at any of these old world bakeries will help you understand why Kringle has been declared the official pastry of the State of Wisconsin.

When you step inside one of these bakeries, you'll be greeted by Kringles lined up on the shelves behind the bakery case counters. An authentic Danish Kringle has 32 layers of flaky dough filled with a variety of fruit and nut toppings and best when served with a cup of coffee.

It takes three whole days to make these delicious pastries from start to finish, an indication of the love and craftsmanship that goes into each pastry. You'll find the Kringle is smothered with just the right amount of white frosting and filled with everything from popular favorites like pecan and almond to custard chocolate chip or red velvet for the more adventurous.

After you make the difficult decision about which flavor to choose, they'll slip the Kringle into a traditional white bag and fasten it shut so that you don't sneak a slice on the way home. If you just can't wait to make the drive to Racine, they also offer shipping around the world.

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