Outdoor Gallery of Sculpture - Waupun

View Website Favorite (4) 324 E. Main - Waupun, WI 53963
Information: 920-324-3491

Can be viewed year 'round.

Outdoor gallery of 7 original bronze sculptures located in parks and park-like settings throughout Waupun. The renown "End of the Trail" by James Earl Fraser is the feature piece in the gallery. This piece represents the plight of the Native Americans who were displaced all over the country in the 18th and 19th centuries. Locator address is 400 N. Madison Street. The "Recording Angel" by Lorado Taft is a memorial to Waupun Industrialist Clarence Shaler's wife Blanche Bancroft Shaler. Locator address is 430 N. Madison Street. Clarence Shaler became friends with Lorado Taft who was instrumental in developing Shaler's growing interest in the art of sculpture. Shaler has five sculptures in the collection. "Dawn of Day" is a Native American Native maiden casting off old garments ever looking forward to a day of greater prosperity. Locator address is 201 E. Main St. Shaler's "The Citadel" is a darker piece is said to be portraying the horrid events in Nazi Germany during WWII. Locator address is 22 S. Madison St. "Who Sows Believes in God" is Shaler's tribute to the optimism to those who plant all types of seeds for prosperity and growth. Locator address is 620 Brown St. Shaler's "The Pioneers" is a piece created out of respect for the optimisim that helpd his parents and other settlers to forge ahead in the untamed wilderness of America. Locator address is 404 S. Watertown St. "Doe and Fawn" created by Shaler is located at Rock River Country Club. Shaler was instumental in in creating this course and created the sculpture to reflect the pastoral setting of the course. Locator address is 700 County Park Rd. In addition, Shaler created "Morning of Life" in memory of his twin sister Clara who died at the age of 18. It is located in Union Cemetery in Mackford Prairie, 12 miles south of Waupun.


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